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Co-founder. Executive Director. Creative Change Advocate

JāQuan Malik Jones, an artist propelled by a deep love for the black diaspora, draws his greatest inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of his coastal southeastern roots. Originating in Chesapeake, nestled in the embrace of South Norfolk, Virginia, Quan's artistic journey intertwines seamlessly with the threads of his lived experiences.

Whether in the spotlight on stage, before the camera, or toiling behind the scenes, Quan's singular purpose is to infuse life into narratives echoing the depths of his soul. Every story he tells bears the indelible imprint of his personal journey, reflecting the joys, challenges, and triumphs encountered along the way.

Driven by a spirit of generosity and a sincere desire to make a difference, Quan wholeheartedly commits to passing on received gifts and uplifting others through his art. Regardless of a project's size or significance, he invests his heart and soul, guided by a profound belief in the transformative power of storytelling.

An M.F.A. graduate in Acting from Brown University Trinity Repertory programs in Acting and Directing, JāQuan is an actor, director, writer, and creator in the truest sense.

However, his most cherished creation is undoubtedly BILLIARDS, a masterpiece bearing his unmistakable signature. Serving as co-creator, writer, and producer, Quan pours his artistic essence into this remarkable body of work.


Co-founder. Creative Director. Creative Change Advocate

Nestled in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia, Jon's roots run deep, intertwining with the very essence of the vibrant city that raised him. A worship leader, singer, and artist, Jon's soulful presence resonates far beyond the boundaries of his hometown. His journey led him to Norfolk State University, where he pursued his interest in drama and theater, earning a cherished B.A. degree.

Blessed with extraordinary talents, Jon's purpose became clear—to spread messages of hope and inspiration to communities around the globe. With every word he sings and every message he spreads, Jon pours his heart and soul into touching lives, uplifting spirits, and creating moments of profound connection.

But Jon's creative journey doesn't stop there. Within the realm of Billiards, he assumes multiple roles—an invaluable co-creator, a gifted writer, and a passionate producer. His creative vision and unwavering dedication infuse every aspect of Billiards' storytelling, infusing it with authenticity, depth, and a heartfelt desire to make a difference.

For Jon, Norfolk is not just a place on the map; it is a source of inspiration, a wellspring of artistic expression, and a testament to the transformative power of following one's dreams. With his remarkable journey intertwined with the fabric of his hometown, Jon's contributions to Billiards are a testament to the profound impact that a passionate artist can have on the world.



Creative Change Advocate. Actor. Writer. Director. Creator.

Tia, originally from Smithfield, Virginia, has been passionate about the arts from a young age. Her exceptional talent in various forms of creation, combined with a sharp eye for detail, ensures her work captivates audiences. She earned a BA in Theatrical Performance from Norfolk State University, specializing in acting, but her talents extend far beyond the stage. Tia is proficient in acting, writing, and directing, and has a deep understanding of ensemble devising, scenic and lighting design, and stage makeup.

As a fervent advocate for social change, Tia uses her platform to highlight the achievements and history of the BIPOC community that often go unrecognized. She is drawn to projects that tackle overlooked subjects, striving to spark conversation and inspire thought. 

Tia believes in a holistic approach to theater, promoting deep spiritual and internal awareness among actors, and stresses the importance of physical intentionality. Eager to play her (p)art, she is dedicated to offering unique insights and contributing her distinctive perspective to projects.

Tia's commitment to excellence and innovation makes her a valuable asset in any creative endeavor, particularly in her recent focus on enriching the field of Billiards with her artistic vision. Her work not only entertains but also challenges and educates, making her a true force for positive change in the arts.


Creative Change Advocate. Writer. Singer.Songwriter. Actor. 

Arquan Davis, born in Portsmouth, VA, is a dynamic writer, singer-songwriter, and actor with a diverse background in entertainment, including stand-up comedy, acting, voice acting, and music. He champions originality and creativity, encouraging others to break barriers and harness their confidence. Arquan believes in the power of improvisation and faith to achieve success in the entertainment industry.

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Creative Change Advocate. Actor. Screenwriter. Director.

Hailing from Northern Virginia, I’m Lauren Wheeler—a creative spirit dedicated to crafting stories that both challenge and mirror the complexities of human nature. My art is a dive into the peculiar, a blend of raw emotion and the stark truths of life, all captured through the lens of film.
As an artist, my journey is to empower and enlighten, bridging diverse worlds with my narratives. I’m committed to redefining actor training, merging innovative methods with foundational skills to nurture genuine talent.
With a BA from Norfolk State University and on my path to an MA in Screen Acting from Oklahoma City University and Goldsmiths, University of London, my academic journey is as eclectic as my artistic vision. Join me in exploring the uncharted territories of cinema and storytelling.


Creative Change Advocate. Actor. Director. Educator.

Vania, hailing from Norfolk, VA, is deeply committed to nurturing creativity and promoting the holistic growth of artists. Her dedication extends to providing training, mentorship, and tangible opportunities that support their development. While her efforts are aimed at artists worldwide, Vania holds a special place in her heart for her hometown. Through the medium of art, she aims to enhance literacy, cultivate well-rounded individuals, and foster a culture of individuality within her community.

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Creative Change Advocate. Actress. Singer. Dancer

Rayna Nakai, a multi-disciplined artist dedicated to storytelling about the past, present, and future of black and brown women, hails from Hampton, VA. Her artistic journey began in her hometown, affectionately known as the 757, where the seeds of her artistic life were planted. She further nurtured her passion by pursuing an MFA in Acting at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in NYC. Brooklyn has since become her artistic haven and community, where she continues to thrive and create. Rayna's work, whether as an acting artist, choreographer, director, or dramaturg, places collaboration at its core. She is excited about contributing to the Billiards team and its expansive artistic future.


Creative Change Advocate. Actor. Writer. Director. 

Adia , a native of Springfield, Massachusetts, is a passionate artist who expresses life's beauty and advocacy through her art. From a young age, Adia was drawn to acting, discovering her love for writing in middle school and venturing into directing after attending a performing arts summer camp in Montgomery, Alabama, at 15. By 18, she had become an actor, writer, and director, embodying more than the typical triple threat by striving to share her unique stories. A graduate of Norfolk State University with a B.A. in Drama and Theatre, Adia's greatest love, apart from her children, is collaborating with like-minded creatives. She motivates others to seize the moment and pursue their dreams with determination.

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Creative Change Advocate. Actor. Director. Teaching Artist. Strategist.

Naire Poole is a Virginian-born artist, raised in the seven cities that proudly refer to themselves as "the 757." As a perceptive and intentional artist, Naire has trailblazed as the youngest student to direct a full-length production of "For Colored Girls" during her first years at Old Dominion University. She was also one of the five leading students advocating for the advancement of Black artists at Florida State University and Asolo Rep. While earning her Master's Degree in acting, she directed and edited a feature-length film adaptation of "Boring Black Play," showcasing her magnetism that has built a track record of leading and charming character roles.
Naire is fueled by her curiosity about how connecting and recognizing patterns on a micro level can affect macro levels.
Her focus on personal transformation as a means to create communal transformation keeps her engaged in various aspects of production, including lighting and costume design, to round out her skills.

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