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Founded by Jonathan Cooper and JaQuan M. Jones, Billiards is a passionate collective of storytellers dedicated to sharing timeless narratives that draw inspiration from the tapestry of real-life experiences.

Our ambition knows no bounds as we strive to advance humanity by uncovering the myriad facets of everyday life, whether it be on the grand stage, through the captivating lens of television, or even amidst the vibrant backdrop of a bustling city sidewalk. Virginia and Rhode Island, our cherished home bases, provide the fertile ground from which our creativity blossoms.

The seeds of Billiards were sown in the transformative month of August in 2017. Through virtual workshops in 2020 and immersive in-person sessions at the esteemed Zeiders American Dream Theatre in Town Center, Virginia Beach, during the summer of 2021, a profound realization dawned upon us. We discovered that we were cultivating something extraordinary, something that surpasses the boundaries of mere plays or series.

Billiards can uplift and empower other creatives, particularly those we affectionately refer to as the underdogs. Quan, one of our co-creators, carried a deep sense of purpose, driven by the desire to provide opportunities to those back home who have been denied their chance to shine for various reasons as he pursued his path at Brown University.

This realization has ignited a burning question: What can we do to pass on knowledge and opportunities to others? The answer lies in our commitment to construct a rich and diverse body of work that nurtures our artistic growth and serves as a conduit for aspiring talents.

We are in the process of creating a story factory, a place where plays, documentaries, short films, and television series are forged with unwavering dedication homegrown straight out of VA and the greater DMV area.

Together, we are Billiards—a force that transcends boundaries, a catalyst for change, and a testament to the transformative power of storytelling.

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